Emergency Dentists in Dunedin, Otago

Woman holding face in pain from dental emergency near Dunedin, NZWhen you are in pain, we understand that you want to seek treatment as quickly as possible. Tooth pain can range from mild to severe, but when on the bad side, it can cause you distress as well. At Bell Hill Dental in Dunedin, Otago, our team will do everything we can to provide you with tooth pain relief.

The first thing to ascertain is how to best respond to your dental emergency, depending on the situation. After all, some incidents are clear dental emergencies where time is of the essence, while other conditions may vary in the appropriate responses.

Knocked-Out Tooth Trauma

A knocked-out or avulsed tooth is one circumstance that will require urgent dental care in a timely manner. An avulsed tooth may have a range of causes, but all result in an immediate need for treatment. Consider this as an emergency because prompt action may save the tooth. If you have a tooth knocked out, take these measures quickly:

  1. Handle the tooth by the crown without touching the root
  2. Rinse it carefully with clean water
  3. Put the tooth back in its socket, holding it in place
  4. Or maintain it in a sealed container with water
  5. Contact our practice immediately

At Bell Hill Dental, we are ready to put our experience to work for you.

Common Dental Emergencies

Tooth, gum or mouth pain is always a cause for concern, and the characteristics of that pain may help determine its cause. However, each patient tolerates pain differently, so other symptoms should also be observed. Any combination of the below symptoms can be serious:

  • Inflammation in the gums near the pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • A discoloured tooth
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Damaged restoration, crown or bridge
  • Lost restoration, crown or bridge

Emergency Root Canal Treatment for Infections

Man with bad tooth pain from dental emergency in DunedinAn infection in a tooth can develop into an abscess if gone untreated. The ideal therapy is prevention because the infection is easier to fight when small. However, when ignored, an infection may advance, damaging teeth and gum and causing a growing level of mouth pain.

Other signs to watch out for are swollen gums, difficulty swallowing, accompanying fever or a sour taste in your mouth. If this describes your experience, a call to our practice is a good place to start.

We offer root canal treatment to alleviate root infections and potentially save your tooth. 

Extensive Emergency Dental Services at Bell Hill Dental

When you contact our dental clinic, our capable team will work with you to determine the best course of action. For immediate care, we will always try to give you an appointment on the same day to relieve these symptoms and get you out of pain as soon as possible. Most days, we have two or three dentists at the clinic, and emergency times are available. We are all registered for ACC and have experience working in hospital emergency departments.

We know for many patients, tooth extraction is always a last resort, but if your tooth is beyond repair, removing it could protect your oral health. We will always discuss every option with you.

We Welcome You to Contact Our Emergency Dentists in Dunedin, NZ

We can quickly assess and treat any accidents involving the teeth or trauma to the mouth. Then, when you reach out to Bell Hill Dental, we are ready and capable to provide the care you need.