Dental Bridges and Dentures in Dunedin

Dentist in Dunedin giving patient an x-rayThe team at Bell Hill Dental is passionate about serving the Dunedin community with exceptional dental services. Our mission is to provide treatments free of judgment to improve your oral health condition, whether you seek routine cleans or total mouth restoration. The Ministry of Health reports that while almost half of New Zealanders have had one or more teeth removed, just over 1-in-20 of us have had all teeth removed due to decay, infection or gum disease.

Dental bridges and full or partial dentures are an option when you have several teeth missing. We are happy to work with you to evaluate your current condition and devise a plan to restore your smile's look and function.

How Dental Bridges Solve Tooth Gaps

Dental bridges are sometimes referred to as fixed partial dentures. They replace missing teeth by providing a structure that attaches to adjacent teeth and fills, or 'bridges', the gap. These are customisable dental appliances, meaning they can stand in for one, two or even multiple teeth so long as stable, healthy teeth remain on either side of the span.

When you consult with our dental team, we can examine your existing teeth to see if they need to be reinforced by crowns or possibly even replaced by dental implants, which are ideal anchors for dental bridges.

Dentures Are Another Tooth Loss Solution

While dental bridges are largely fixed within your mouth, full and partial dentures are options designed to be removable. We are happy to provide both partial plastic and metal dentures to replace missing teeth. This is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to enjoy all the foods you have missed since suffering tooth loss. And your dentist-recommended care will restore your attractive smile.

Full Dentures

Elderly couple smiling at dentist in DunedinFull (complete) dentures replace an entire row of teeth with an appliance solely supported by the gums. They are made from strong, light acrylic, which are tailored to your mouth so that they have a good fit. We stress the importance of natural-looking replacements and work closely with you to design your new smile.

Partial Dentures

Partial removable dentures are an alternative to fixed partial bridges that fill gaps from one or several missing teeth. They are supported by the surrounding teeth with clasps. Partial dentures consist of either metal or acrylic plastic frames with artificial teeth fixed to the frame between attachments.

Both full and partial dentures need to be removed for cleaning and are not intended to be worn overnight. At Bell Hill Dental, part of your treatment plan will cover denture care as well as the need for routine follow-up visits to ensure you still have a proper fit over time.

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Our experienced team of dentists provide ideal restorations for your personal needs with a winning attitude and warm relationships that promote your long-term oral health. Arrange a booking at Bell Hill Dental in Dunedin to learn more about your options.