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Meet the Team at Bell Hill Dental

Our team at Bell Hill Dental in Dunedin, Otago strives to provide exceptional dentistry with exceptional service and care. Throughout our practice, the same philosophy and quality of care is the standard. Our dentists and hygienists are exceptionally skilled, caring and compassionate clinicians, and each one of our team members has been carefully selected for their skill, dedication and commitment to this ethic.

Here at Bell Hill Dental our education doesn’t stop with a degree. Each member of our dental care team strives to fully understand our patient’s needs, keeps up with the latest info and techniques in dentistry and strives to deliver the care best-suited to each individual patient. This includes formal as well as informal continuing education and training. We are all members of the NZ Dental Association and the Dunedin Branch of the NZDA.

Dr Elaine Neill, Your Experienced Dentist in Dunedin, Otago

Dr Elaine Neill became the owner of Bell Hill Dental in 1995 to provide exceptional dental care to the nearby communities around Dunedin. Since then, Elaine's practice has blossomed from two clinics to five. Services have also expanded in that time to include special treatments, such as treatments in tethered oral tissues, periodontal treatment, and dental surgery.

The team at Bell Hill recognises that some patients experience anxiety and hesitance towards dental care. Still, our philosophy of non-judgemental treatment in a caring environment puts our patients at ease. We work hard to educate and advise our patients, all while maintaining constant concern for their comfort.

Our skilled dentists have extensive experience in several dental disciplines and surgical backgrounds for excellent emergency care. With their expertise coupled with an outstanding group of dental assistants and hygienists, the Bell Hill Dental team is committed to providing the best results for patients.

Meet our friendly and professional dental team below.

Dentists and staff at Bell Hill Dental in Dunedin Otago
Dr Elaine Neil BDS dentist in Dunedin Otago

Dr Elaine Neill, BDS

Practice Owner

Elaine graduated from the University of Otago in 1992 and gained the sought after position of Dental Housesurgeon at the Dunedin Public Hospital. Here she gained valuable experience in surgery and emergency dental procedures. She was honoured with an appointment as a Clinical Tutor at the School of Dentistry, where she thoroughly enjoyed teaching and working with students until she bought Bell Hill Dental in December 1995. 

The practice has grown from two surgeries to five, and this growth is a testament to Elaine’s philosophy of treating everyone as equals in a non-judgmental and caring environment. 

The Bell Hill Dental team is vital to the quality of care, and to Elaine, they are important both personally and professionally. Dr Neill is blessed to have been surrounded by wonderful team members – many of who have been part of Bell Hill for 10-20 years.

Elaine is married with two adult children and provides the same high standard of dentistry for her patients that she chooses for her family and friends.

Dr Nick Bloor BDS dentist in Dunedin

Dr Nick Bloor, BDS


In 2010, Nick graduated from the University of Otago and spent his first few years in a bustling private clinic in Melbourne. Then, he moved to Dunedin and joined the Bell Hill team in 2014.

Nick aims to provide a top-level of care in an efficient and stress-free environment. Nick has experience in all aspects of general dental care but has special interests in the fields of endodontics (root canals) and crown and bridge dentistry.

Outside of work, Nick’s family of three young boys keeps him busy. He enjoys outdoor pursuits such as running and snowboarding in the winter and golf when the Dunedin weather allows.

Dr Ally Dunning BHSc BDS dentist near me Dunedin

Dr Ally Dunning, BHSc, BDS


Ally is a dual-qualified registered nurse and dentist, graduating from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2010.

Since graduating, Ally has worked in both public and private practice, including two years at Dunedin Public Hospital as a dental house surgeon, where she acquired skills in both surgical and emergency dentistry. Ally practices all areas of general dentistry, including cosmetic and restorative treatment. However, she is interested in oral surgery, the removal of 'hopeless' teeth, including wisdom teeth.

Another area of Ally's interest is in tethered oral tissues, also known as tongue and lip ties. As a trained breastfeeding peer supporter and dentist, Ally aims to support and encourage the breastfeeding relationship by educating her patients on the causes and treatment of these conditions.

In her spare time, Ally enjoys being at home with her husband and two young daughters, as well as travelling and exploring our beautiful country.

Dr Claudia Huang BDS dentist in Dunedin

Dr Claudia Huang, BDS


Claudia graduated from the University of Otago in 2006. After graduation, she practised in an Australian public hospital before returning to Dunedin. During her seven years in Dunedin, Claudia worked as a tutor at dental school and as a general dentist at Bell Hill Dental. Carrying the precious experience and skills she learned with Dr Neill, Claudia moved with her husband to Hamilton in 2014.

After six years of private practice in Hamilton, Claudia returned to Dunedin, where she originally met her husband. With a new addition to their family, Claudia is back at Bell Hill doing what she finds the most rewarding, providing quality dental care in her caring and gentle way. Claudia likes meeting old and new patients and is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Although her new baby consumes much of her free time, Claudia has enjoyed reading and biking with her husband and still enjoys being involved in church activities on the weekends.

Dental hygienist at dentist in Dunedin Otago

Nicky Perkins

Dental Hygienist

Nicky is a registered dental hygienist, having graduated from Otago in 1998 and was instrumental in setting up and organising the introduction of the Hygiene Department to Bell Hill Dental in 2001.

As part of the preventative side of the practice, she enjoys educating and motivating our patients in the care of their teeth and gums to prevent oral diseases. She works closely with the rest of the dental team to create an open, relaxed and friendly environment that allows us to focus on what matters most - you and your oral health.

Away from Bell Hill Dental,  Nicky enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle combined with spending time with family, friends (and the family dog!). 

Hygienist at dental clinic in Dunedin Otago

Kerri Lumb

Dental Hygienist

Kerri is a registered dental hygienist, graduating from Otago in 1997. After travelling on the OE, working and living in the UK, she gained trans-Tasman recognition settling in Australia for eight years. During this time, Kerri was based at a private dental practice associated with research and care of medically compromised patients at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.

Kerri has worked extensively with periodontal implant specialists in both Sydney and Melbourne in the treatment and prevention of gum disease and implant care.

Kerri is certified to administer local anesthetics after completing a postgraduate course at the University of Adelaide.

In her spare time, Kerri enjoys getting outdoors running, as well as spending time on the family lifestyle block with her husband and two boys.

Hygienist at dental clinic near me

Libby Shepherd

Dental Hygienist

Libby’s career in dentistry began in 2008 as a dental assistant. She enjoyed her job so much, she opted to study at the Faculty of Dentistry in Dunedin and earned her Bachelor of Dental Health with a dual scope as a dental hygienist and dental therapist.

After graduation, Libby spent three years working at a busy dental practice in Wellington. Since returning to Dunedin, Libby has been working as a dental hygienist. She finds it incredibly rewarding seeing improvements in patients’ oral health and their improved confidence.

Gum disease has been linked to many other systemic diseases, so Libby is passionate about helping people improve their overall health. She also finds it rewarding to help people feel comfortable in her care – both physically and mentally.

In December of 2020, Libby and her husband welcomed their daughter, Millie. Most of their spare time is dedicated to Millie and getting out and about with their dog, Otis. They feel fortunate that most of their family and close friends live in Dunedin.

Support team at Bell Hill Dental in Dunedin Otago

Our Support Team

Jemma, Jill, Debbie, Jackie, Pauline and Teagan

Our entire team is very experienced and well trained to provide a wide range of information about the services we provide. Continuing education is an integral part of our philosophy of providing exceptional care, so our entire team attend courses on a regular basis. Feel free to ask questions about your treatment at any time – they are there to support you!

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