Oral Surgery

We know that it can be daunting when a tooth may need extraction. The good news is that each dentist at Bell Hill Dental in Dunedin is proficient at removing teeth when the need arises. In addition, we pride ourselves on treating you with great care and gentle hands during this process.

Tooth Extractions

Dr Elaine Neill and her team will only perform an extraction after a full discussion when other solutions cannot succeed. We offer treatments that may be preferred; fillings, root canal therapy coupled with crowns, or other restorations that can preserve the tooth. But those therapies require enough tooth material to support either the filling or the crown, which may not be possible depending on the level and type of damage. Only then will your dentist prepare you for oral surgery.

Following oral surgery, adhering to these basic guidelines can improve the healing process:

  • Avoid smoking or drinking through a straw – suction may damage the clot
  • Rinse your mouth gently with salty water
  • Reduce inflammation with a cold, wet or iced cloth
  • Address pain with medication

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Require Removal?

Wisdom teeth do NOT need to be removed just because they are there. Often, wisdom teeth can be left alone and monitored with radiographs (x-rays) without needing to be removed. However, when the need arises, all our dentists can talk you through the options for the safe removal of troublesome wisdom teeth.

Depending on which direction the wisdom teeth are growing, how embedded they are in your jaw bone, whether an infection is present, your general health status and many other factors, we can advise whether they are suitable for in-chair removal at Bell Hill Dental using a local anaesthetic, or whether referral for sedation or a general anesthetic is recommended.

With one of our experienced dentists, the advantages of in-chair removal are significant savings of cost and time when compared with a general anaesthetic. General anaesthetic does increase the costs associated due to the need for a referral to a specialist oral surgeon, hospital setting and anaesthetist. However, as you are sedated or asleep during the procedure, many choose this option also. We will help you decide what is best for you.

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Painful?

We welcome you to contact us for a wisdom tooth assessment. We always welcome new patients to our dental practice.