Bell Hill Dental

Will my treatment hurt?

Dentistry has come a long way in the management of pain. We are very proud of our gentle techniques and want you to be comfortable in our chair.

One thing we think is essential for our patients to understand is that dental pain is often the result of inflamed and infected tissues. In these cases, dental procedures are what address and treat that pain with efforts to eliminate it. We never want you to associate a trip to the dentist with pain. We encourage you to maintain regular cleans and check-ups to break that association.

Our Approach and Expertise Will Resolve your Pain

Everyone has a different pain threshold and tolerance. We will consult with you before any procedure to know what to expect, and we understand your relationship to tooth and mouth discomfort. Where appropriate, we provide topical cream anaesthetic, stress balls, and the latest injection techniques.

We Respect Your Needs in Dunedin

To the Bell Hill Dental team, we want our patients to know that they are the boss; we will take treatment as slow or fast as they require.  When we have patients say, “I didn’t even feel it” and “that was the best injection I’ve ever had”, we know we have hit our target.