Bell Hill Dental

Dr Elaine Neill, BDS

Practice Owner

Elaine graduated from the University of Otago in 1992 and gained the sought after position of Dental Housesurgeon at the Dunedin Public Hospital. Here she gained valuable experience in surgery and emergency dental procedures. She was honoured with an appointment as a Clinical Tutor at the School of Dentistry, where she thoroughly enjoyed teaching and working with students until she bought Bell Hill Dental in December 1995. 

The practice has grown from two surgeries to five, and this growth is a testament to Elaine’s philosophy of treating everyone as equals in a non-judgmental and caring environment. 

The Bell Hill Dental team is vital to the quality of care, and to Elaine, they are important both personally and professionally. Dr Neill is blessed to have been surrounded by wonderful team members – many of who have been part of Bell Hill for 10-20 years.

Elaine is married with two adult children and provides the same high standard of dentistry for her patients that she chooses for her family and friends.