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I have a toothache! Do you see emergencies?

Emergency Dental Care in Dunedin

We know toothache is a terrible pain, can come on quickly and often occurs overnight, causing a lack of sleep and exhaustion. We are here to help! Our emergency dentists in Dunedin aim to see all severe toothaches on the day you call. Our dentists have worked in Hospital Accident and Emergency (ED) departments, and all have experience with dental trauma.

How to Know It's an Emergency

While some dental problems are hard to define, a particular dental emergency is a knocked-out tooth. When a permanent tooth is forced from its socket, your quick action can save the tooth. Gently handle the tooth by the crown, not the root, and either place it back in its socket or a sealed container of water or saliva and call us immediately. Your quick action may save the tooth.

A Call to Our Clinic Is Step One

Some accidents need quick attention, and we will always prioritise these cases. We are registered for ACC and have five surgeries to accommodate urgent treatment to relieve pain. Our team is here to serve you.

Call 03-477-8387 as soon as you can, and we will make sure you get the timely treatment you need.