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How painful is a root canal?

Bell Hill Dental uses leading-edge technologies and techniques to minimise pain and discomfort. One of the many services we offer at our dental clinic in Dunedin is root canal treatment. This treatment is often thought of as the bogeyman of dentistry, but modern dental care allows us to provide streamlined and gentle root canals in Dunedin.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

A root canal is meant to relieve tooth pain and remove infection from the tooth. Your dentist starts the treatment by ensuring the patient is comfortable, and we administer a local anaesthetic to numb pain. We then make an access point in the tooth through which we remove infected and inflamed tooth pulp.

Once the tooth’s canal is empty, we sanitise and irrigate it to ensure it’s bacteria-free. Next, we fill the space with a substance called gutta-percha to help strengthen the tooth from the inside out. Lastly, we seal the tooth with a custom-made dental crown to stabilise and strengthen the tooth. 

Arrange a Root Canal Procedure in Dunedin

If you have an infected or damaged tooth, we invite you to contact us today for treatment options. Our dental team is skilled and experienced in root canal treatment, and we look forward to helping you improve your oral health.