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What to expect after tongue-tie release surgery?

Bell Hill Dental provides many different dentistry services, including tongue-tie release in Dunedin. After tongue-tie release surgery, a diamond-shaped wound may appear under the patient’s tongue.

It typically takes 14 days to heal, sometimes longer, and the wound may look whitish-yellow in colour. Healing begins immediately after treatment, and the wound may appear larger than expected. 

Mild Bleeding and Pain

Some oral bleeding and pain are expected after surgery, and your dentist may recommend or prescribe pain relief medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. 


The patient may follow regular feeding and diet unless your dentist uses a local anaesthetic. In this case, patients must consume soft, room-temperature or cold foods and drinks until the medication wears off.

Wound Care  

Patients may rinse their mouth with salt water several times daily to soothe the mouth and promote healing.


It’s essential to perform tongue-stretching exercises several times daily for four to six weeks after surgery. Exercises vary based on the patient’s age, type of surgery and dentist’s recommendation. Tongue exercises strengthen the tongue muscle, improve coordination and range of motion and lessen the chance of scar tissue formation or tissue reattachment.

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