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Do dentist whitening trays work instantly?

How important is a bright smile? Some patients may experience stains or yellowing on their teeth and seek professional cosmetic treatment despite diligent brushing and oral upkeep. In many cases, teeth whitening procedures can help reflect patients' hard work in keeping their smiles clean! 

At-Home Kits & Professional Teeth Whitening at Bell Hill Dental

Professional teeth whitening can do the trick if you'd like to achieve an excellent cosmetic appearance for your smile! At Bell Hill Dental, we offer our patients two different teeth whitening procedures that yield fantastic results.

  • Take-home kits: Patients can whiten their teeth over a predetermined length of time by wearing whitening trays (usually before bedtime). Although this option brightens teeth gradually, patients can whiten their teeth from the comfort of their homes on their own schedules.
  • In-house 'boost' whitening: With a quick 90-minute appointment, patients can walk out of our clinic with a significantly brighter, cleaner-looking smile than before.

Contact Your Cosmetic Dentist in Dunedin

Whether you are interested in teeth whitening or other cosmetic dental services, our staff at Bell Hill Dental is committed to giving you the smile of your dreams! We warmly invite new and existing patients to arrange an initial consultation and find the best way to transform your smile! Feel free to call our Dunedin dental clinic on 03-477 8387 or simply book online.