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How often does my child need to see the paediatric dentist?

Do you want the best for your child's smile? From a young age, access to quality dental care can prepare teeth for success by preventing the onset of decay with good habits and regular checkups. So, even though children will lose their teeth at a young age, how often should they visit our family dentists in Dunedin?

Establishing Your Child's Oral Health

Like adults, children can benefit from seeing a dentist for a regular checkup and teeth clean once every six months. At Bell Hill Dental, we want the best for our patients, and when it comes to children's dentistry, our staff can monitor dental trends and provide advice for keeping teeth clean. Some benefits of seeing a paediatric dentist include:

  • Monitoring of habits that may cause dental issues in the future (thumb sucking, teeth grinding)
  • Tracking early trends in growth
  • Children can learn how to keep their smiles healthy from a young age 
  • Children can gain familiarity and comfort when visiting a dental clinic 
  • Early prevention of detrimental conditions that may affect patients in later years

Contact Your Children's Dentist in Dunedin, Otago

We warmly invite all patients to arrange an appointment and begin the process of safeguarding their child's oral health. Our friendly staff at Bell Hill Dental goes above and beyond in making all patients feel welcome and comfortable during their visit! Please call us on 03-477 8387 or book online